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I am an author of contemporary romance and middle grade mysteries.

I am a teacher of mathematics, a mom to two amazing girls, a wife to a wonderful husband.

I am the owner of a spoiled dog and two sassy cats (all of whom were rescued from the animal shelter).

I am a native of West Virginia, and a proud Mountaineer.

I am a follower of Christ, and a LGBTQ+ ally.

I am an autism mom and autism advocate.

I am a sci-fi geek and love all things Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or X-Files.

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Allegheny Front

Jeremy Fulton is one of the hottest, most recognizable actors in the UK, but after a bitter divorce and the death of his father leave him threadbare, he’s had enough. So, he gives himself the generic name, Tim Jones, charters a private jet across the pond, and disappears into the wilderness of Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Unfortunately for Jeremy, hiding out isn’t as easy as he’d hoped. A bout of food poisoning leaves him sick and weak. Then, a hundred-year flood hits rips apart the picturesque valley. When he spots a circle of cabins, he thinks his luck has finally changed. But on his way to the camp he slips and is tossed down a rocky slope.
After a tumultuous year teaching at a wealthy Northern Virginia high school, Kate is spent. The only thing that has kept her going is the upcoming escape to Pocahontas County, WV with her best friend, Penny. But when a hundred-year flood hits, she finds herself evacuated to the Slate Wilderness Resort with forty elderly and scared residents. Things get worse when she sees a hiker slip and crash down the side of the mountain. The injured man is carried to her cabin, and when he awakes, he tells everybody his name is Tim, but Kate knows better. He is Jeremy Fulton, her celebrity crush. Before Kate can confess she knows his true identity, he explains to her why he came to the woods—that his everyday life was too much to handle. Kate realizes she must hide what she knows. The two quickly grow inseparable, and it’s not long before Kate begins to forget where Tim starts and Jeremy ends.

Coming June 28, 2022: When Tales Get Twisted

When Tales Get Twisted crazy things happen to our beloved classics. 

When Catpunzel, a golden-haired kitten, is abandoned by her parents, a mysterious tabby named Gothel swoops in and adopts the child. Everything seems wonderful, but when Catpunzel befriends a boy named Tom, she sees a different side of Gothel  ̶ a side that will go to extraordinary lengths to keep her locked in her tower forever.

Redmoon Chase learns that her Nana is ill and volunteers to bring her a basket of goodies. When Red arrives at her Nana’s house, she finds a big, bad real estate developer holding Nana hostage. Red must use her wits to save the cottage, her grandmother, and herself.

After being forced to move to Pennsylvania with her wicked stepmother, Whitney Snow finally escapes. She is befriended by a pack of seven, scraggly dogs who can speak human. Will Whitney’s cunning, and the magical mutts’ bravery be enough to thwart her stepmother’s plot for revenge?


Coming July 20, 2022: Every Woman Has A Story

A collection of 5 short stories about strong, independent woman finding answers, finding their place, and sometimes, finding love.

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